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Memorial insurance

It is always advisable to consider insuring a memorial. Cover should take effect immediately the stone is fixed in the cemetery or churchyard.

We are happy to offer free, no obligation advice on insuring your memorial.

Payment options

We have a range of payment options including personal cheques, debit and credit cards.
Payment options

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Thank you for all the help and advice you have given us, it really is much appreciated. We couldn't have hoped for a more beautiful monument.

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Memorial care

It is important to understand that you are responsible for the maintenance of your memorial - not the cemetery or churchyard management.

If it should become dilapidated or unsafe, steps may be taken to lay it down or remove it.

It is advisable to have your memorial regularly inspected and if necessary maintained.

For your peace of mind we offer a free, no obligation inspection and quotation.









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Securing memorials
We follow the recommended fixing methods which are detailed by National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM's) code of practice.

The slideshow above shows the various stages involved in securing a headstone.

Stage 1: The foundation stone is bedded on a solid base and leveled.

Stage 2: A ground anchor (steel bar) is inserted into the foundation stone.

Stage 3: The ground anchor is fixed firmly into place within the foundation stone.

Stage 4: The base stone of the memorial is place onto the ground anchor and foundation stone - this is fixed into position with cement.

Stage 5: Cement is applied to the base stone - ready to receive the memorial stone.

Stage 6: The memorial stone also has corresponding stainless steel dowels - these match the holes in the base stone..

Stage 7: The memorial is placed into position with the stainless steel dowels and fixed into position.

Stage 8: The headstone is now securely fixed.

We are qualified memorial fixers approved byNational Association of Memorial Masons.

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