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Individual Memorials
The ‘Gates of Heaven’ are becoming an increasingly popular memorial choice. Illustrated with sandblasted and painted designs.
Gate 32”(h)x11”(w)x3”(d) Column 24”(h)x6”(w)x3”(d) Base 3”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Black Granite
This ‘Wing Set’ memorial incorporates a centre panel which provides additional space for inscription or ornamentation.
Gate 30”(h)x10”(w)x4”(d) Wing 27”(h)x11”-10”(w)x3”(d) Base 3”(h)x36”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Black Granite
An exceptional example of how  ne carving, etching and painting can create a unique and personal memorial.
Headstone 30”(h)x24”(w)x4”(d) Base 4”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Black Granite
These twin columns have an Ogee shaped recess above which is a painted sandblast design. A bronze ornament is optional.
Column 36”(h)x14”(w)x4”(d) Base 4”(h)x36”(w)x14”(d)
Shown in Blue Pearl Granite
Illustrated here with one of many painted designs that are available.
Column 36”(h)x14”(w)x4”(d) Base 4”(h)x36”(w)x14”(d)
Shown in Black Granite

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