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16140 16141
This headstone can be enhanced with an etched and painted design to capture the iridescence of the butter y’s wings or left as a simple silhouette.
The desk tablet base provides additional space for inscription.
Headstone 21”(h)x21”(w)x3”(d) Base 4”(h)x24”(w)x24”(d)
Shown in Black Granite
Shown here in Grey Bird and Black Granite
16138 16139
An impressive memorial that uses classical design and contrasting granite colours to great effect.
Overall 42”(h)x41”(w)x15”(d)
Shown here in Avon Grey Granite and Crystal White Marble
This Shamrock headstone is an example of one of the many shapes that can be created in granite.
Headstone 24”(h)x24”(w)x3”(d) Base 3”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Tropical Green Granite

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