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The ‘Crossing’ design is developed here by the addition of a carved waterfall.
Headstone 30”(h)x28”(w)x4”(d) Base 4”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Tropical Green Granite
Individual Memorials
Bronze Lady Figure
Bronze Man & Lady Figures
The ‘Crossing’ memorial shows a couple embracing on a bridge between two worlds.
Left Headstone 30”(h)x13.5”(w)x4”(d) Right Headstone 30”(h)x13.5”(w)x4”(d) Base 4”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Glenaby Grey Granite
A bronze  gure/couple taking the implied journey to Heaven. A white
marble moon completes this highly symbolic memorial.
Headstone 30”(h)x21”(w)x4”(d) Moon 2”(h)x10”(w)x10”(d) Base 4”(h)x24”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Dark Grey Granite, Crystal White Marble
A pierced Venetian archway and tapered splay base, frames the bronze bridge and  gures.
Headstone 30”(h)x24”(w)x4”(d) Base 4”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d) Bronze 2”(h)x2.5”(w)x3”(d)
Shown in Black Granite

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