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Brenna Stone
This soft natural stone is perfect for carving and like other soft stones, will age and wear over time.
Brenna Stone
A large impressive headstone with two beautifully carved Angels.
Headstone 30”(h)x36”(w)x5”(d) Base 4”(h)x42”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Brenna Stone
This deep Ogee headstone features a carved dove, which is created using
modern CNC techniques.
Headstone 27”(h)x21”(w)x3”(d) Base 3”(h)x24”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Brenna Stone
A carved  oral spray in a recessed panel compliments the shape of this memorial.
Headstone 33”(h)x21”(w)x3”(d) Base 6”(h)x24”(w)x6”(d)
Shown in Brenna Stone
This Gothic shape frames the carving, which is one of many available.
Headstone 33”(h)x21”(w)x3”(d) Base 3”(h)x24”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Brenna Stone

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