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The unique feature of this memorial is the Pierced Heart which is designed for the place- ment of a resin or marble dove. The cut-out is  anked by carved and painted roses.
Overall 36”(h)x30”(w)x78”(d)
Shown in Black Granite
Four kerbs and attractive peon top posts, there is room on the chamfer of the kerb for an inscription.
Overall 9”(h)x30”(w)x78”(d)
Shown in Black Granite
Full Length Kerb Sets
A ‘Peon’ shaped headstone with ‘Barley Twist’ columns and kerb mouldings. A design which refers back to The Temple of Solomon and signi es ‘Wisdom’. This memorial is  nished with ball top posts at the foot of the kerbs.
Overall 36”(h)x30”(w)x78”(d)
Shown in Black Granite
A book memorial with carved cord and tassel sits on a base which can be bored for  ower containers.
Overall 30”(w)x78”(d)
Shown in Dark Grey Granite

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