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Rustic and Hand Carved Memorials
The hand carved depiction of ‘Our Lady’ is formed from this rustic style headstone.
Headstone 33”(h)x24”(w)x4”(d) Base 4”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Flint Grey Granite
The beautiful Madonna and Child  gure is the epitome of the stonemason’s art.
Headstone 38”(h)x28”(w)x6”(d) Base 6”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Black Granite
The mourning Angel is fully carved into the rounded headstone.
Headstone 30”(h)x24”(w)x4”(d) Base 4”(h)x30”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Bahama Blue Granite
Highlighted  nish
Natural  nish
This circular polished headstone is  anked by two fully carved Angels to create an outstanding example of masonry art.
Headstone 30”(h)x36”(w)x5”(d) Base 4”(h)x42”(w)x12”(d)
Shown in Black Granite

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